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Loving YOU!

Nowadays everything is airbrushed and/or photoshopped; this can make it really difficult for us to appreciate the skin that we are in

"We are NOT here to look like social media's aesthetics of perfection"

Lina's Essences is all about normalising what REAL imperfect beautiful skin looks like

  • It's NORMAL that your skin gets SPOTS

  • It is NORMAL if your skin BREAKS OUT due to hormonal imbalances/ changes

  • It is NORMAL for your skin to have BLEMISHES 

  • It is NORMAL for your skin to have TEXTURE

  • It Is NORMAL for your skin to have FINE LINES

  • It is NORMAL for your skin have PORES

  • It is NORMAL to have STRETCH MARKS

  • It is NORMAL to have LOOSE SKIN

  • It is NORMAL to have CELLULITE

Smiling Model
Brown Containers
Image by Monika Kozub
Image by Jana Sabeth
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Your Skin, Our goal: Welcome
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