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Getting Into It!

Of late I have noticed the RISING trend in many beauty products.#10stepskincareroutine

Do we really need all this crap on our faces?

Is this just the big man (society) making women feel insecure and us feeding into it?

Beauty is more than what is on the surface. It goes way beyond what our current beauty standards subject to.

I See beautiful women everywhere I go. Even those that I do NOT like.

As woman, I always ensure to give my fellow women compliments whenever I can. It is important that we learn to uplift one another and not always compete against each other unnecessarily. Give a stranger a compliment today and see how that makes up YOUR day too! You will feel good that you've put a smile on someones face. And they will forever have a space for you in their heart. Because you will be that honest stranger who made them smile.... they might even become a friend.

Hey, Listen.... Be Kind, Be true, and Stay Moisturised!

Do not forget to shop @Linasessences!


Lina X

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1 Comment

Love, Love, Love your products Lina. Just purchased the Shimmer and can not wait for it to come..

Keep up the good work. I'm inspired . X

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